At Frazee Ivy Davis, we take a disciplined and detailed approach to your personal and business financial matters. We provide full accounting and financial services including:

Tax Preparation & Consulting

Tax services are at the heart of our business. Our partners and managers have deep experience in tax preparation and planning. Over the years, countless individuals and businesses have relied on our tax services to save time and provide peace of mind.

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Audit & Financial Reporting

We audit, review and compile financial statements for businesses, not-for-profit organizations and their bankers, boards and investors. Our team is objective, unbiased and experienced with private enterprises across the full spectrum of scale and complexity.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

To make sound business decisions, you need accurate and dependable accounting information. Our dedicated team of accounting and bookkeeping professionals will work closely with you to provide detail-oriented solutions to help your business run smoothly.

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Valuation & Litigation

If you own or operate a private business, the valuation question – or, “What is it worth?” – will be one of the most difficult and essential questions you’ll ever ask. Valuation is at the heart of every purchase and sale negotiation. It drives the tax consequences of a gift or inheritance, and it can affect financial statements, buy-ins, buy-outs and retirement plans

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Exit Planning

As a business owner, you'll inevitably be faced with decisions about what to do with your business when you're ready to transition out of your role. It's a complicated question that involves careful planning and a host of interconnected financial, tax, legal, management and emotional concerns.

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